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The meeting of the High Council of the Fenerbahçe Club was held at the Faruk Ilgaz facilities in Kalamış. Present at the meeting were the club president Ali Koç, the president of the Supreme Council Uğur Dündar, as well as members of the board of administration and council. President Ali Koç emphasized that the yellow-blue community performs at the top in every branch in which it competes. Koç stated that the rivals have changed, but Fenerbahçe has always been in the race for the top. “Maybe tonight we win, our opponent loses, and the points difference drops to 3, but it can be the opposite. Whatever the result, we will fight until the end for the championship.” Noting that they had a strange season and their hopes were shattered, Koç said to the negative criticism of a member: “Find a president, we will go to the general assembly as soon as you find one. We are ready to go right away. Please don’t threaten until we find one, but as soon as you find one, I will come to the soldiers’ square.” Koç highlighted the fragility of the community.

“We started the season great, we brought a very good coach. We returned to the style of football we wanted, to press, attack, and score goals. The authorities started making us champions in October, so the expectations increased a lot. Then the change of trend between and after the World Cup… We lost the championship against relegated teams, but this year, in particular, the points lost on our own field against Ümraniye, Giresun, and Istanbulspor, historic rivals on our own field… It’s not like a Beşiktaş game. See what happened, it’s happening only to us. I want you to know that we welcome these sincere responses.”

Koç criticized the referee’s decisions in the Istanbulspor match. “Shouldn’t we say ‘they stole points from us in the Istanbulspor match’ because we played badly? We started the UEFA this year from 107th place. Now we are in 58th place. We should be among the top 25, this is not acceptable. I would like to share with you the average points of the last 10 years. “The highest average points of the last 10 years are 2.20 this year, but look where we are. We did the right things this year. We should have been in a championship mood with the performance of this year. It’s offside, and if our Adana Demirspor match was managed normally, it would make a difference of 5 points. That means only 2 matches. We also have an organized structure, but they are against us. Look at the other community, look at us.”

Ali Koç: this year we started the UEFA at 107th place. Now we are in 58th place. We should be among the top 25. 58 is not acceptable. But I say it to show momentum. The highest average points in the last 10 years are this year; 2.20… pic.twitter.com/bgI6xHoTmb— TRT Spor (@trtspor) 29 April 2023

Koç stated that they have reached the playoffs that were their target this year in basketball. “Actually, we wanted to be fourth or fifth, and then we would have played against Monaco. We played twice in the season and beat them both. It would have been like beating Red Star, but the last second was different with a setback. We are playing against the best team in EuroLeague. Aziz Yıldırım During his presidency, the vision of Fenerbahçe’s basketball and the level it has reached have increased a lot. We continued.”

“We cannot fight them without stooping to their level.” Ali Koç also clarified his visit to the Turkish Football Federation. Koç explained that he went to the federation with executives Ahmet Ketenci and Özgür Özaktaç. “We cannot fight them until we stoop to their level. We went to the matches of Adana Demirspor, Alanyaspor, Karagümrük, Başakşehir, and Istanbulspor. We lost 4 points in these matches, but we could have lost much more. Besides the stolen points, we were very worried about the points they were trying to steal. We started to be beaten where we went, cards were shown to Başakşehir and this time they started to strangle the referee.” Koç stated that the reactions on social media have influenced the referees. “These people, who Burak Bey (Kızılhan) gave as an example, should resign immediately. Whoever has dignity should resign. Unfortunately, the value of honor in our country has fallen to the ground. We are in negotiation with the federation of every branch,” and this is quite normal. We make a statement before we go to every federation. Other clubs? When Fenerbahce leaves, they are looking for lice. I am calling the president of a certain club. We took an appointment and we did not fix an appointment. Did you go there without an appointment with your former bureaucrat, your mole inside? The president of the Fenerbahce Club explained that neither the Galatasaray match nor the conversation about the appointment of referees in his matches took place.

“What kind of mentality or disposition is this. Because they always bear fruit, the mole works from morning to night. I do not need to prepare files, there are still sites on the internet. There are victims in this sense about promises not kept, deliveries not made on time. The monetary relationship of the trolls should be examined. This is the payment vehicle. It can happen, the education of children, etc. Let’s call them benefits. Not only us, but also others will have difficulty with this structured when appropriate They find it normal because they have collected its fruits over time. I don’t know what to say about this funded structure or organization. The referees are very affected. The Federation went out and said, ‘What’s wrong with my brother if he says: “If he has a document, pull it out,” if he can sustain it, they will not be able to act so easily.” Koç used the phrase “The power to do evil is admirable” for Galatasaray.

“You say: ‘There is a structure,’ I ask. There is no sound in the Union of Clubs. You say: ‘We have the document,’ but we have seen this movie in the past. Explain, if I were the president of the federation, I would say: ‘Come out and explain everything.’ They don’t come out in the private square. “Because their ability to do evil is really admirable. It is very interesting that they have no conscience problems while doing this. These are trolls, bot accounts, managers, media

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